Baryshnikov Arts Center Resident Artist

Zoe Scofield

Choreographer Zoe Scofield (Seattle) will work with zoe I juniper company dancers and New York-based Sacred Harp communities to explore how her formal movement vocabulary intersects with spiritual a cappella choral singing.

Princess Grace Foundation-USA Works-in-Progress Resident Artist

Zoe Scofield
Artist Bio

Zoe Scofield

Zoe Scofield is a dance and visual artist based in Seattle, WA since 2002. Born and raised in Gainesville, GA, Zoe began ballet at a young age, instilling in her a deep love and interest in structure, discipline and performance’s ability to create a transformative experience. Zoe attended Walnut Hill School for the Arts, in Boston MA, receiving a Monticello Choreography Fellowship and graduating with high honors in dance. After, she danced with Prometheus Dance in Boston and Atlas Moves, directed by Bill James in Toronto, Canada.

Zoe has taught at Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Boston Conservatory, Columbia College, University of Colorado at Boulder, and served as a guest panelist for Dance Critics Association, PICA’s Educating Dance Audiences, and gloATL Tanz Farm, and has been commissioned to create work on Cornish College of the Arts and CalArts. In 2005 Zoe began collaborating with video and visual artist Juniper Shuey on video, photographic and dance projects shown in visual art galleries, museums and theaters.

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