Baryshnikov Arts Center Resident Artist

Marguerite Hemmings

Dance artist Marguerite Hemmings (NYC) will study the creative processes of and between millennial musicians and dancers, focusing on blending digital and analog, improvisation and pattern, with a heavy centering of dance and music practices of today's African Diaspora.

BAC Resident Artist

Marguerite Hemmings
Artist Bio

Marguerite Hemmings

Marguerite Hemmings, performance artist and educator, was born in Jamaica, raised in New Jersey, and has been living in the New York City area for over a decade. She graduated from Columbia University in Education and Urban Studies. As a dancer, Hemmings specializes in street styles, social dances, hip-hop, and dancehall, and has been training in modern and West African dance.

She currently teaches Experimental Dancehall, a term she uses to capture her love of dancehall/reggae culture and her belief in movement exploration, improvisation, and challenging norms of how we express ourselves. Hemmings’ work centers itself in liberation. She has been subverting, working, and creating with youth as a teaching artist for a very long time. She has received grants from the Jerome Foundation, Brooklyn Arts Council, Harlem Stage, University Settlement, and Dancing While Black to further her work as an artist/youth organizer. She is most recently a recipient of the 2017-18 Urban Bush Women Choreographic Center Fellowship. She is currently working on a self-directed, multimedia endeavor called we free that explores the millennial generation’s take on liberation. The first installment of we free was shown at Gibney Dance's Double Plus Series, curated by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar. Other iterations of we free have been shown at the Brooklyn Museum, BRIC Arts Media, Gibney Dance, JACK Theater, MoCADA, and in New Orleans through Junebug Productions.

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