The James and Martha Duffy Fellowship

Leslie Cuyjet

Paperback is a collection of artifacts that manipulate movement, text, and projection into choreographic gestures. Research for this residency builds towards a larger project titled For All Your Life, an ongoing performance and social experiment about the history and mechanism of life insurance and the commodification of black lives.

Leslie Cuyjet
Artist Bio

Leslie Cuyjet

Leslie Cuyjet is a performer and dance artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her dances often integrate text, video, and live performance while interrogating the performing body, personal legacy, and dance history. Mostly known as a performer, she is also a writer and editor, as well as a co-founder of the Authentic Movement collective, Duvet, which all play an ongoing role in shaping her interdisciplinary artistic practice. Recent honors include Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants for Artists, Princeton Hodder Fellowship, and an Outstanding Choreographer/Creator “Bessie” Award for her 2021 work, Blur. – 

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