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Baryshnikov Arts Center Resident Artist

Kayla Farrish / Decent Structures Arts

BAC Space Resident Artist

Choreographer Kayla Farrish / Decent Structure Arts (NYC) will combine dance, theater, storytelling, and scene in Martyr’s Fiction, a new work investigating our ties and entrances into dreaming and the figure of the African American dreamer. Through a cinematic lens and with a sound score created by musician Melike Konur, scenes unfold along a landscape of recurring dreams, with the gravity of reality, night terrors, shifts, and wake up calls.

Kayla Farrish/Decent Structure Arts
Artist Bio

Kayla Farrish/Decent Structure Arts

Kayla Farrish is a New York-based director with a vision for intimate storytelling. Her company, Decent Structure Arts, combines filmmaking, photography, and dance. Choreographic commissions include Of Bones Dance (2014) and Houses on the Moon Theater Company (2016).

In 2017, through a Chez Bushwick residency, Farrish created five short films and a cinema-inspired photograph gallery. In 2018, she produced and created “Spectacle” Film and Live Performance, an evening-length piece presented part of Pepatian Dance Your Future Residency with support from a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant. In 2019, she created The New Frontier Film and The New Frontier (My Dear America) pt.1 with the support of a Danspace Project Fall 2019 Commission. In March 2020, Farrish will premiere Martyr Fiction as part of Gibney’s New Voices: Spotlight Commission, following her residency at Baryshnikov Arts Center.

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