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Daniel Evan Kersh

Daniel Evan Kersh will develop a performance that is immersive, experiential, and transformative. The dancers, vocalists, and musicians in the process are energetically connected to one another, sense one another, and improvise collectively in order to weave a tapestry incorporating dualities of harmony and chaos, and preconscious alignment and improvisation.

Daniel Evan Kersh
Artist Bio

Daniel Evan Kersh

Daniel Evan Kersh is an artist co-creating at the intersection of art, science, wellness, and technology. Kersh’s work is a reference to the universal truth that everything in our reality is interconnected, interwoven, and interdependent with everything and everyone else.

Their work is rooted in meditation and spiritual practices, with a deep dive into the nature of the human experience and physical universe. Kersh considers art to be a transformative experience and offers their work as an invitation for contemplation and transcendence. Their work is a symbol for universal awareness and collective consciousness. Kersh's practice often involves use of the public space, law, and art world dynamics as a medium for creation in the process and practice of imagining new futures. They utilize energy, sound, light, color, smell, taste, touch, body, feelings, perception, mental formations, consciousness, and pure vibrations as tools for healing and transformation. Recently, Kersh was named Artist in Residence at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (Canada) and Baryshnikov Arts Center (New York, NY). They have collaborated with Superblue, The Shed, and Pace Gallery to present immersive performances alongside EGO (2021), an immersive installation by artist group Studio Drift. Kersh sources their knowledge and wisdom from ancient civilizations, eastern philosophy, indigenous communities, metaphysics, quantum physics, astronomy, astrology, and artificial intelligence.

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