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Compañía Bonobo

The theatrical group Compañía Bonobo (Santiago, Chile) examines how violence toward "the other" is constructed in democratic contexts. They will develop HUÉSPED, a work drawing on the personal stories of members of the company who have experienced ethical and cultural destabilization.

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Compañia Bonobos
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Compañia Bonobos

Compañía Bonobo is a theatrical group created in 2012 around the question of Otherness. The group initiated their extensive creative research process on this social, cultural, and political phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of history: the dichotomy of the One and “The Other.”

The group's search aims to reveal if, after the welcoming and inclusive intention characteristic of the new democracies, violence is filtered out to those who, somehow, are not constituted and do not comply with the hegemonic idea of what it means to be a citizen. Amansadura and Donde Viven los Bárbaros are the company’s two staples. Both works are a sample of the themes and languages that interest the group, which have allowed the company to appear at various festivals in Chile and abroad, such as: Festival de Teatro Adelante (Germany), Teatro Fetival Of Cádiz (Spain), FITAM (Chile) and Cielos del Infinito (Chile), among others. The play Where the Barbarians Live has received a number of awards, among them, Best Playwriting 2016, given by the Municipality of Santiago, the Literary Prize Dramaturgy category of the National Council of Culture, the 2015 Playwriting Prize awarded by the Critics Circle of Chile, and Best Work Young Theater Festival of Las Condes.

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