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Baryshnikov Arts Center Resident Artist

Alexa Rivera

Puerto Rican pianist and composer Alexa Rivera will develop her new project titled HIHEAL, a collection of musical compositions created in the days and weeks after the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico. The collection of songs will take the form of an experimental jazz trio, incorporating analog synths, modern electro-latin beats, and folkloric "jíbaro" textures.

BAC Space Resident Artist in partnership with The Jazz Foundation of America

Alexa Rivera
Artist Bio

Alexa Rivera

Alexandra Rivera is a versatile pianist, composer, and producer born and raised in the mountains of Aguada, Puerto Rico. Her musical awakening began at an early age. Being the daughter of a professional musician, Alexa was naturally exposed to all kinds of music, especially Puerto Rican folkloric music.

She began piano lessons at the age of four and continued her education in classical piano in the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory. During that period, Rivera discovered her passion for improvisation, finding in jazz the freedom to express herself. In 2014 she graduated from the Piano Jazz Performance program at Puerto Rico Music Conservatory, the institution where she later joined the faculty as a piano teacher. She has performed internationally with artists of diverse music genres such as Tego Calderon, singer-songwriter Draco Rosa, singer iLe, and Vivanativa. In 2016 she won a recognition for her participation as pianist in the Grammy winning album iLevitable by iLe. Presently, she continues her work as freelance pianist for various artists, collaborates as co-producer in other projects, and develops her latest work titled HIHEAL.

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Photos: Running Film Productions, Jose J. Rivera