Past Performance
Baryshnikov Arts Center Presents

BAC Flicks: The Space in Back of You (2011)

A film by Richard Rutkowski
Oct 23, 2012

In this poignant documentary, the life of the innovative, radical Japanese dancer and choreographer Suzushi Hanayagi is examined by performing arts legend Robert Wilson, whose 20-year collaboration with Hanayagi has been an enduring influence on his work. After losing touch and then finding her suffering from Alzheimer’s, Wilson creates a tribute to their artistic partnershipthe final collaboration between a great teacher and her renowned student.

Followed by a post-screening discussion with the director.

Co-presented with Dance Films Association.

Richard Rutkowski
Artist Bio

Richard Rutkowski

Filmmaker Richard Rutkowski works primarily as a cinematographer and came to this project through his long association with Robert Wilson. Born in Oklahoma, Richard grew up on eastern Long Island, the son of landscape painter Casimir Rutkowski. He began making short films while a student at Harvard College in the 1980's, where he also met Bob Wilson in 1985.

After appearing in Wilson's production of the CIVIL warS at the American Repertory Theater, Richard continued as his assistant over several years, helping to discover the original building which has become The Watermill Center and photographing the initial HD Video Portraits of Wilson's much admired VOOM series. In feature films, Richard has worked for directors as renowned and varied as Neil Burger, Darren Aronofsky, Adrian Lyne, Joel Schumacher, Wes Craven, and Roman Polanski. He shoots commercials, series television -- most recently the series Boss for Starz Network -- and gallery installation work for artists including Dan Colen and Sharon Lockhart.  He lives in Los Angeles and New York City with his wife Betsy and step-daughter Daisy.

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Photo courtesy of Asenda Kiuchi / Gallery Photo courtesy of Bryd Hoffman, Watermill Foundation