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PlayBAC: Bonobo

Tú Amarás

Performances from the Archive
April 22-29, 2021

PlayBAC Series 4 features never-before-seen, high quality recordings of live performances from BAC’s 15-year history. PlayBAC videos include special introductions from Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Filmed February 14, 2020 in the Jerome Robbins Theater.

A group of Chilean doctors prepares for an international conference on prejudice in medicine, a subject complicated by the arrival of extraterrestrials who have settled on Earth to escape genocide. Making its U.S. debut, acclaimed Chilean theater collective Bonobo addresses violence in democratic contexts, giving new significance to the notion of The Other in contemporary society. Tú Amarás (You Shall Love) reflects on discrimination and marginalization with humor, irony, and sharp political critique.

Tú Amarás (You Shall Love) was developed in part during a BAC Residency.


PlayBAC Series 4 Trailer

Tú Amarás (U.S. Premiere): Filmed February 14, 2020 in the Jerome Robbins Theater

Artist Bio


Bonobo is a Chilean theater company founded in 2012 by Pablo Manzi and Andreina Olivari. Through a methodology of collective creation with emphasis on research and improvisation, their aim is to stage plays that stimulate critical reflection, addressing topics like violence in democratic contexts and implicit discrimination towards otherness.

To date they have premiered Amansadura (2012), Donde Viven los Bárbaros (2015), and Tú Amarás (2018), becoming one of the most renowned Chilean theater groups and receiving multiple awards. Their plays have been performed in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Perú, and Chile.

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Photos: Maria Baranova, Bea Borges