Past Performance
Baryshnikov Arts Center Presents

BAC Space Spring 2016

Studio Showings

Mar 18, 2016

For four weeks in March, BAC hosts six artists and companies who will work concurrently in all of BAC's studios. BAC Space residents will have dedicated time and space to develop projects and collaborations, as well as opportunities to exchange with other artists across disciplines. BAC Space includes a day of informal work-in-progress showings open to the public on Friday, March 18.

FRI / Mar 18

12PM / Studio 4B
Mallory Catlett / Theater
Project: Dead Time of Plenty, a durational performance about gender and the prophetic imagination.

1PM / John Cage and Merce Cunningham Studio / 6A
Patricia Lent + Andrea Weber / Dance
Project: Merce Cunningham Trust workshops to reconstruct Cunningham’s Fabrications (1987) and Suite for Five (1956). 

2PM / Rudolf Nureyev Studio / 4A
Surupa Sen / Dance
Project: An investigation of traditional Odissi choreography blended with a modern, multicultural perspective.

3:30PM / Studio 4B
Jennifer Monson / Dance
Project: in tow, an ongoing modular dance project that addresses “experimental” as a performance category.

4:30PM / Christina Sterner Studio / 6B
Mark DeChiazza / Music / Dance / Video 
Project: The development of video content for an opera without words, Orpheus Unsung.

5:30PM / John Cage and Merce Cunningham Studio / 6A
Dave Malloy / Music / Theater
Project: A large-form, communal music theater event based on Moby Dick.

Slide photo: Janelle Jones