Past Performance
Baryshnikov Arts Center Presents

BAC Space Spring 2015

Studio Showings

Mar 18 + 20, 2015

For four weeks in March, BAC hosts seven artists and companies who will work concurrently in all of BAC's studios. BAC Space residents will have dedicated time and space to develop projects and collaborations, as well as opportunities to exchange with other artists across disciplines. BAC Space includes a series of informal work-in-progress showings open to the public.

Mar 18 / Wed 

12PM / Studio 4B
Ain Gordon / Theater 
Project: Secret Project/Last People I know, a non-fiction ode to a cabal of cultural/political/personal icons impacting latter 20th century America 

1PM / Studio 6A
Big Dance Theater / Dance / Theater
Project: A performance comprised of short-form dance-based works; and This Page Left Intentionally Blank, an audio tour / movement score for museum visitors 

2PM / Studio 4A
Beth Gill / Dance
Project: I’m not supposed to be here, a performance in the round for five dancers

4PM / Studio 6A
Liz Santoro / Dance
Project: For Claude Shannon, utilizing lexical structures present in both movement and text to reveal underlying processes of communication in performance

Mar 20 / Fri

4PM / 6B / Sterner Studio
Caroline Gravel / Dance
Project: Bains Publics: Of Suspense, a work investigating external forces that act upon and resonate within the dancers’ body

5PM / Studio 4A
Matthew Paul Olmos, Lee Sunday Evans, and Marios Aristopoulos / Theater / Music
Project: So Go the Ghosts of Mexico, Part II, a theater work for five women playing men who run two warring Mexican drug cartels 

6PM / Studio 4B
Maya Ciarrocchi / Multimedia 
Project: Gender/Power, an immersive installation posing questions about the dynamics of power in relationship to gender


Leadership support for BAC Space provided by Anonymous, The Enoch Foundation, Ford Foundation, Howard Gilman Foundation, Mertz Gilmore Foundation, Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine Kaye Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York Community Trust, New York State Council on the Arts, Princess Grace Foundation-USA, and The Jerome Robbins Foundation. (As of February 2015.)

Slide photo: Anna Lee Campbell