Baryshnikov Arts Center

BAC Mission and Values

BAC Mission Statement

Baryshnikov Arts Center empowers artists to undertake creative exploration with few constraints. We do so by removing barriers to artistic freedom and providing the resources, facilities, and support necessary for uninhibited creativity to thrive.

BAC Values

Responsiveness – BAC is pioneering, nimble, and flexible and seeks out innovators who experiment in the pursuit of unique artistic expression.

Transformation – We support artists who offer a profound experience and ask us to view the world in a different way.

Freedom – We believe that creating transformative and enduring art requires freedom to take artistic risks and we support artists during that process.

Inclusion – We are open-minded and inclusive in our approach to ensuring opportunity for all.

Diversity – We embrace the differences that shape our worldview and our perspective; we recognize, respect, and value differences among those with whom we work and serve.

Collaboration – We seek to expand and strengthen creative relationships in all forms and ways. We believe in the power of both individual and collective expression.

Stewardship – We are stewards of the resources entrusted to us. Our goal is to follow the highest standards in artistic, management, and governance practices while continuously safeguarding the tradition of artistic freedom.