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Muna Tseng

Author and choreographer Muna Tseng (NYC) will construct a portrait of myth, object, and dialogue with real and imagined ancestors in IT'S ALL TRUE / GRANDFATHER. Taking Tseng’s paternal grandfather as a departure point, the work spans over 300 years and examines East-West legacy, gender, personal identity and aspirations, cultural alienation and assimilation.

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Artist Bio
Muna Tseng

Muna Tseng

Muna Tseng was born and raised in Hong Kong. In Canada she began her modern dance training at age 13 with Magda and Gertrude Hanova, disciples of Mary Wigman and with Heather McCallum who worked with Anna Halprin.

Invited to New York by Jean Erdman after graduating from University of British Columbia, Tseng was a principal dancer in Erdman and her husband and mythologist Joseph Campbell’s Theatre of the Open Eye from 1978 to 1985, inherited many of Erdman’s seminal roles, dancing to originally commissioned music by John Cage, Teiji Ito, Lou Harrison, Louis Horst.

She founded Muna Tseng Dance Projects in New York City in 1984, has created over 40 productions and performed in over 30 cities and festivals in 15 countries.

Awards include the NY Dance and Performance Bessie Award for choreography/creation of SlutForArt with Ping Chong (1999); repeat choreographic fellowships from both National Endowment for the Arts (1988 and 1987); the New York Foundation for the Arts (1991 and 1987); Meet the Composer Choreographer/Composer Project Grants (1992, 1991, 1989); and many commissioning grants from New York State Council on the Arts.

Honors include "Artist of National Merit" from The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC., "Best Choreography" for The Silver River in Philadelphia's 2000 theater season, and "Distinguished Service in the Arts" from New York City Council President Andrew Stein.

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