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Jimena Paz

Choreographer Jimena Paz (NYC / Europe / Argentina) will create an epilogue for her most recent dance (a collaboration with Ralph Lemon and Vicky Shick). Paz’s research is focused on the urge to move within and around opinions of foreignness, an urge rooted in the untrained body. It incorporates Murga, a protest dance form of her native Argentina. She views Murga as a way to shake what is dead in us, to shake stagnant ideas of normalcy.

BAC Space Resident Artist

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Jimena Paz

Jimena Paz

Jimena Paz is an independent dancer, teacher, and maker who shares her time and heart between New York, Europe, and Argentina. She is currently developing a project on foreignness and a fictional and portable-landless Argentina.

She has had the pleasure of working with Vicky Shick, Susan Rethorst, the Stephen Petronio Company (1999–2006), Constanza Macras (Berlin), Iris Scaccheri (Buenos Aires), Burt Barr, Analia Segal, Virginie Yassef (France), Antonio Ramos, and Todd Williams, among others. Paz is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, is on faculty at the National Danish School for Contemporary Dance under the direction of Jeremy Nelson, and teaches internationally.

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