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Baryshnikov Arts Center Resident Artist

George Stamos

Choreographer George Stamos (Montreal, Canada) will create a dance/installation featuring durational spinning and polyrhythmic gestures. Oscillating between meditation and play, Recurrent Measures is an investigation of how multiple measurements of time and motion can be continually renewed.

BAC Space Resident Artist

Artist Bio
George Stamos

George Stamos

Montreal based choreographer and dancer George Stamos has maintained a unique perspective as an innovative, rigorous artist in the world of contemporary dance over the past 15 years. 
He is a graduate of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, and in his formative years performed solo work extensively in the downtown NYC scene. He has also danced with numerous internationally prominent choreographers, taught across Canada, and toured internationally. Since 2013 articles and reviews written by Stamos have been published online and in print by Canada’s leading dance magazine The Dance Current.


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