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Maya Ciarrocchi, Spring 2015 Multimedia Resident Artist Pontus Lidberg, Fall 2015 Dance / Multimedia Resident Artist Somi, Fall 2015 Music Resident Artist Caroline Gravel, Spring 2015 Dance Resident Artist
Maya Ciarrocchi, Spring 2015 Multimedia Resident Artist
Pontus Lidberg, Fall 2015 Dance / Multimedia Resident Artist
Somi, Fall 2015 Music Resident Artist
Caroline Gravel, Spring 2015 Dance Resident Artist
Baryshnikov Arts Center

Residency Program

BAC's Artist Residency Program supports artists by providing space for creative investigation. Each year, BAC hosts up to 20 artists in residence to develop ideas, projects, and collaborations. Support can include use of BAC’s light-filled studios and state-of-the-art theaters, work-in-progress showings, artist honoraria, and technical and administrative services.

BAC residencies are a pressure-free environment for artists, who are encouraged to focus on their current priorities without the expectation of delivering a finished product. However, works created here often go on to premiere at venues around the world—including BAC’s own stages.

BAC residencies are offered by invitation to artists; BAC does not conduct a formal application process. Candidates for BAC residencies are identified by BAC’s artistic personnel, and a diversity of disciplines, aesthetics, and artist career stages are considered. Please note that because of the high volume of projects under consideration, unsolicited submissions may not receive a response.

BAC Space is a 3-4 week period designed to encourage peer exchange by hosting multiple resident artists concurrently in all of BAC's spaces. BAC welcomes between 12 and 20 BAC Space artists annually, who receive honorarium, between 100 and 250 hours of studio space, administrative support, option to participate in work-in-progress showings, and photographic, video, and written documentation of their residency.

The Martha Duffy Residency is granted biannually to a dance artist through a fund sponsored by BAC Board Member James H. Duffy. The Martha Duffy Residency provides additional financial support to a selected BAC Space resident artist working in the dance discipline.

The Martha Duffy Resident Artist position was created in memory of Martha Duffy, a former senior editor overseeing coverage of the performing arts and longtime dance critic for Time Magazine. One of the first women to become a senior editor at the magazine, Martha Duffy held that post from 1974 to 1989, joining Time in 1960 as a researcher and progressing to reporter, contributing editor, and associate editor before her promotion to senior editor. She was a senior writer specializing in culture and entertainment news from 1989 until her death in 1997, and was well known as a mentor for young writers.

The Cage Cunningham Fellowship is a two-year residency awarded annually to an artist or artists committed to innovation and collaboration as exemplified by John Cage and Merce Cunningham. The Cage Cunningham Fund awards $50,000 distributed over two years in support of the Fellow’s work. In addition, BAC provides use of the John Cage & Merce Cunningham Studio for eight weeks, as well as significant administrative support for project development. Please visit the Cage Cunningham Fund for more information.

The Bogliasco Fellowship is an expanded residency opportunity for artists to develop projects first at Bogliasco’s facility in the serene coastal Italian environment, and then continue at BAC’s studios in the urban setting of New York City. The Bogliasco Fellowship is offered annually to one of the current year’s Bogliasco Fellows. The Fellowship offers an honorarium as well as use of BAC’s studio spaces. Please visit Bogliasco Foundation for more information and to apply for a Fellowship.

The Princess Grace Foundation-USA Works-in-Progress Residency: In 2008, BAC and the Princess Grace Foundation Arts Advisory Board entered into a partnership to provide residencies to Princess Grace Award winners who are developing projects of a multi-media or interdisciplinary nature. Princess Grace Foundation-USA Works-in-Progress Residents are identified through a panel process and are provided significant funding, exclusive use of a BAC studio or theater space for between 1 and 3 weeks, and full technical support. The residency enables the artist to explore, experiment, and push the boundaries of their work in an environment that focuses on process over product. Please visit Princess Grace Foundation-USA for more information.

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