Baryshnikov Arts Center

Baryshnikov Arts Center

Upcoming Performances


Stephen Vitiello

Light Readings
N.Y. Premiere
Dec 8 - 18, 2014

An immersive media installation in BAC's Studio 6A explores how sound and light transform one’s experience of place.


Phyllis Chen

Dec 10, 2014

Praised for her “delightful quirkiness matched with interpretive sensitivity” (New York Times), Phyllis Chen performs the World Premiere of her newest composition.


BAC Space 2014 Roundtable

Dec 11, 2014

A moderated conversation with BAC Space 2014 Resident Artists. 


zoe I juniper

Jan 14-16, 2015

BeginAgain questions the multiplicity of self, memory and perspective through two parallel solos weaving in and out of each other. 

“The blending of their talents has produced some of the most impressive dance/visual spectacles to come out of Seattle in recent years.” - The Seattle Times